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Business proofreading

As a business, you need all your content to be accurate and clear. This means your audience isn’t distracted by any mistakes they read and you can ensure your voice and message is communicated effectively – whether your tone is purely professional, creative and chatty, or the downright bizarre.

Publication examples

If you create or publish any of the below, you will benefit from an independent proofreading service:

  • Web content

  • Blog posts

  • External and internal communications (newsletters, mailing lists, etc.)

  • Training manuals

  • Consumer manuals/instructions

  • Catalogues

  • Digital resources

  • School/college prospectuses

Proof-editing for businesses


Many businesses have a wide range of resources that need more than a standard proofread. It’s often the case that you’re happy for a few minor re-writes but don’t have the time or budget for any major re-writes/re-structuring or to have a separate proofreading check. If this sounds like you, then you could consider one round of proof-editing. This is a hybrid service of proofreading and copyediting which means you’re happy for me to change ‘whatever I think is best’.

My proof-editing service includes:

  • a thorough check for typos, spelling, and grammar

  • ensuring consistent use of font types, header styles, table layout

  • minor changes or re-wording to improve clarity, fluency, and readability of text

  • raising queries about factual discrepancies

  • creating a personal style guide


Proof-editing is popular with businesses publishing in Microsoft Word or using print to PDF to create your material (e.g. internal company documents, brochures, blog posts, downloadable resources). It also works well if you are printing in-house, as we can work together throughout the process, rather than going through external typesetters or printers.

Website editing / proofreading


Any errors within your web content could result in the loss of sales. During my time working in the online retail sector, I produced online copy for blog posts, emails, and product information pages. My experience with e-commerce combined with my proofreading skills is ideal for spotting those mistakes.

My web content proof-edit includes:

  •  a light but thorough proofreading check for spellings, typos, and header inconsistencies

  • ensuring an appropriate and consistent voice is used for your audience

  • making sure text flows while highlighting necessary information for your consumer

Pricing for business proofreading

Projects with word counts up to 1,500 words have the following fixed prices, ideal for blog posts and newsletters:

business proof-edit pricing.png

This fixed-price service includes:

  • amending typos and grammatical errors

  • minor re-wording

  • one additional proofreading round or query check

  • personalised style guide


If your project is longer than 1,500 words, please get in touch with the total word count and your deadline. 

Please note: the publication examples and services detailed are not exhaustive lists, but are provided to give an idea of how I can help you. Read more about my B2C experience or visit my LinkedIn profile which details my professional experience.

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