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Editing services for non-fiction authors

I predominantly work with self-publishing authors but also provide services for independent publishers. My editorial services all begin with your finished manuscript, where I offer manuscript appraisals, copyediting, and proofreading for non-fiction authors. I have a special interest in working with women authors.

An overview of each service is provided below but the best place to start is by getting in touch to tell me more about your project, timeframe, and budget.

Manuscript Appraisal

Also referred to as a manuscript assessment, manuscript critique, or manuscript evaluation, a manuscript appraisal is my first involvement in the publishing process of your book. I read, review, and report on your finished manuscript.

This service includes a manuscript appraisal report (8–10 pages long) and video handover call (1–2 hours) to discuss the most important elements of your report. No editorial amends are made to your manuscript.

I offer manuscript appraisals for my specialist subjects: mental health, women's health, wellbeing, lifestyle, self-development, (this is quite a broad range, but it's to highlight that I don't provide manuscript appraisals for history books, for example.)

Read more about what’s included in my manuscript appraisal service (including pricing).


Copyediting includes aspects of proofreading (such as amending errors like typos, spelling, and grammar) but also considers the manuscript as a whole when making decisions about language and other mechanics of your book.


I offer two copyediting services: copyedit of 10,000 words or copyedit of your full manuscript.

Read more about my copyediting service and process (including pricing).


Proofreading works best when your book is fully formatted, right before you’re ready to have it published. This service is all about spotting errors or mistakes, rather than suggesting better ways of phrasing something. As well as looking out for typos, spelling, and grammar inaccuracies, proofreading also ensures there are no formatting or typesetting inconsistencies (e.g. ensuring all headers look the same).

Read more about my proofreading service (including pricing).

Specialist subjects

My copyediting and proofreading skills lend themselves to a wide variety of non-fiction genres, but my personal interest and editorial interests are especially adept to working with the following subjects:

  • Mental health

  • Wellbeing

  • Self-development

  • Women's health

  • Anxiety recovery

  • Disordered eating

  • Intuitive eating and exercise

  • Active women / women in sport

  • Anti-diet campaigns

Please note: the publication examples and services detailed are not exhaustive lists, but are provided to give an idea of how I can help you. Read more about my experience or my personal interests.

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