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Proofreading and editing for authors

I have fixed-price rates for manuscript appraisals and copyedits of 10,000 words (please see below). Proofreading and copyediting full manuscripts or other projects will have customised quotes according to the subject matter, the material type, as well as the number of words.


My rates are in line with suggested minimum rates from the CIEP.​


Fixed-price services











Please contact me if your word count falls outside of the above rates.











Pricing for copyediting and proofreading – full manuscripts


A bespoke package, every time

  • First of all, don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want, that’s what I’m here for! I can also provide some examples of the different editorial services on offer.

  • After a free discovery call about your project, I will provide a free sample editing service of up to 1,000 words and an estimated quote.

  • Every project is different. You have no doubt discovered that some of your copy takes more time to write than you thought. We experience the same in the editing world: some projects require more time than others.

  • If your project is near completion and requires very few changes, this will naturally take less time and cost less. Conversely, should there be significant re-writes and fact-checking needed, then the time taken to complete this would be reflected in the price.

  • I will always let you know what can be achieved according to: the level of work you require, the budget you have, and the total lead time until the publication date.

  • The level of editing required will be agreed between us after working on your sample of 1,000 words.

Please see below indicative prices for proofreading and copyediting services.


Apr 2024 copyediting pricing.png

How much does proofreading and editing cost?

Business proofreading

Projects with word counts up to 1,500 words have the following fixed prices, ideal for blog posts and newsletters:

business proof-edit pricing.png

If your project is longer than 1,500 words, please contact me with the total word count and your deadline so I can calculate your bespoke fee. Please check out my business proofreading page to find out more about my proofreading service for business owners.

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