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My experience

My skills and experience lend themselves to a wide range of non-fiction publications and subjects, with a strong background in mental health, wellbeing, lifestyle, self-development, and business-to-consumer materials.











I have worked with both in-house designers and independent authors on a range of non-fiction material. This includes (but isn’t limited to): self-published books, digital downloads, manuals, catalogues, encylopedias, weekly emails, newsletters, and blog content.

I specialise in mental health and wellbeing because of my personal experience in these areas. Authors writing about their own mental health experience value working with someone who understands the need for a sensitive approach to these topics. I openly talk about my personal experience with disordered eating and anxiety to give women authors the courage to talk and write about similar issues.

Working as a web content editor for various retail websites has provided me with extensive experience within the online retail sector, particularly in eco-friendly retail and health and wellness. This includes writing and editing product descriptions within all these categories, working with Trading Standards, and complying with ASA guidelines.

Whether it’s editing a full-length book or proofreading a short blog post, I am praised for my ability to improve the content without losing the original voice or style. I am highly skilled at adhering to house style (or I can create a style guide with you).

On a practical level, I use Word Track Changes for copyediting and proofreading, and Adobe PDF commenting tools for proofreading on PDF.




MA (Postgraduate) Reception and Critical Theory (Distinction). University of Bristol.

MA (hons) Classical Studies (1st). University of St Andrews.


CIEP Proofreading 1: Introduction

CIEP Proofreading 2: Headway (Merit)



Selection of previous publications

Awaiting publication

Memoir on trauma healing and M.E./CFS recovery (70,000 words)

Memoir on mindfulness discovery (70,000 words)

Memoir on discovery running (55,000 words)

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