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Manuscript Appraisal

My first involvement in the publishing process is with a service called a manuscript appraisal. My manuscript appraisals look at the book in its entirety; in its current but complete draft. Authors who need support finishing their book or fleshing out certain aspects of their book need to look for a book coach or developmental editor.

Once an author has a final version of their manuscript (having revised it a few times, sent it to family, friends, or beta readers for feedback and incorporated that feedback) many then pursue a professional opinion on their work before a single word is edited or changed by a copyeditor. In a nutshell, a manuscript appraisal is akin to a detailed book report. It’s also referred to as a manuscript assessment, manuscript critique, or manuscript evaluation.

My manuscript appraisal service includes:


•   read-through of the whole manuscript (making notes on the elements detailed below)

•   creating and sending a manuscript appraisal report (8–10 pages long)

•   video handover call to go over the most important aspects of the report with you (1–2 hours).

My manuscript appraisal service looks at:

•   the whole picture

•   readability and relevance of the book (pinpointing your ideal reader)

•   pacing of the whole book and each chapter

•   parts which need expanding

•   what I love about your book

•   any parts or ideas that could be deleted

•   reliance on crutch words/repetition

•   highlighting any possible copyright considerations

•   thoughts and advice on formatting (for example if your manuscript includes reader exercises or letters).

What's the difference between a manuscript appraisal and a developmental edit?

A developmental editor will apply structural changes directly onto your manuscript and make detailed notes using the Word comments. With a manuscript appraisal, any structural changes or thoughts are detailed within the report: you must then apply any recommended changes yourself.

What’s different about my manuscript appraisals?


As you would expect, I read the whole manuscript (I love this part of my job: being the first person to read this book!), then create a manuscript appraisal report. While other editors or companies will clarify that their manuscript appraisal reports do NOT include chapter summaries, I tend to structure my manuscript appraisal reports with an overview followed by chapter-by-chapter summaries and thoughts. Including chapter summaries and thoughts helps me illustrate my feedback on your book and clarifies the relevance of one chapter to another as well as how that chapter relates to the book as whole.

I also include a handover video call with every manuscript appraisal so we can clarify any confusion within the book there and then, or highlight the most important questions I want you to think about when you’re self-editing.

Manuscript appraisal pricing

Manuscript appraisals are based on their word count. Please get in touch if your word count falls outside the ones provided.


Nov 2023 Manuscript appraisal pricing.png

Specialist subject areas

  • Mental health

  • Wellbeing

  • Self-development

  • Women's health

  • Anxiety recovery

  • Disordered eating

  • Intuitive eating and exercise

  • Active women / women in sport

  • Anti-diet campaigns


Please note: the publication examples and services detailed are not exhaustive lists, but are provided to give an idea of how I can help you. Read more about my experience or my personal interests.

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